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Hotel Viata

The Italian side of Austin that feels worlds away, where touches of Tuscany and Texas mix to inspire a lifestyle like no other.

Our Goal

To establish a brand that ties together Italy and Austin, from pre-opening to ongoing support. Tenderling started with the brand at the beginning and carried it through to booking.

Services Provided

  • Naming
  • Brand Voice
  • Content Development
  • Visual Identity
  • F&B Identity
  • Spa Identity

Our Strategy

Italy and Austin are distant cousins in terms of carefree culture, easy-going ambiance and an overall thirst for life, which is why Tenderling connected the two to create a hillside retreat for guests and locals. We blended Italian charm with Austin vibrance for a brand that exudes boutique qualities and speaks to those with a longing for travel and indulging in the sweet life.

The Eliza Jane

Expanding an established brand with more storytelling.