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Signia by Hilton Atlanta

Signia by Hilton Atlanta holds Southern hospitality at its heart, elevating the culture of Atlanta while holding true to its roots.

Our Goal

To channel the soul and outlook of a vibrant and eclectic capital city and cultivate an expressive voice imbued with the spirit of Atlanta. Tenderling took the Signia brand and tailored it to Atlanta.

Services Provided

  • Brand Story
  • Positioning
  • Website Design and Development
  • F&B Outlet Naming and Positioning
  • F&B Outlet Visual Identity

Our Strategy

People visiting Atlanta want to feel like they’re a seasoned local and want to experience all that Atlanta has to offer, so Tenderling’s concept was to match the city’s voice with the sophistication of Signia by Hilton’s brand. Soulful, dynamic, southern and experimental, Signia by Hilton Atlanta is a statement-maker poised to help guests embrace the city’s artistry.

Food & Beverage

Tenderling created the visual identities for all of Signia Atlanta’s F&B outlets, making each one unique but aligning them to be a cohesive set. Naming studies were also conducted for the outlets to connect them to Atlanta in subtle ways.

  • Lobby Bar
  • Capolinea
  • Highball
  • Homespun
  • Friendship Market
  • Nest on Four

Hotel Viata

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